Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hair Tips from a Mom

Any of you out there have a squirming toddler girl who doesn't like her hair done?  Ohhh I see lots of hand up.  Ya, it's not easy.  I get asked frequently by other moms how I manage to get my daughter's hair into the 'do's' she wears. 
I'd never really thought about it, but you don't see a lot of 2 year olds with 'fancy hair', as my husband would say.  Well, most 2 year olds don't have as much hair as Sophie either.  Here's how I do Miss Diva's hair.
    You can find them at Sweet Sophie Mae's



  • Have everything ready to go.  I keep a comb, spray bottle of water and hair ties in the kitchen.  On the way to hair central I grab barrettes if I need them.  I keep her barrettes on a hanger like this one ----> 
  •  Keep them entertained while you do it!  I do Sophie's hair during breakfast.  She's engrossed in shoveling the food in and hopefully not noticing I'm doing her hair.
  •  If I miss breakfast hour I plop her down in front of a movie.  I do this when I need to trim her bangs as well.
  •  I don't go in with a plan.  I know this seems counter intuitive, but if I don't plan on creating a hair masterpiece I'm not disappointed when it doesn't pan out.  My goal is to get the hair off her face...anything other than a pony tail is a major win in my book.  I load up on rubber hair bands so I have plenty and go from there.
  • If you need inspiration Pinterest has lots of great ideas.  
  Here's what I did for her birthday...and all without a single tear or pulled hair.

 We missed the boat on breakfast on her birthday, but Sesame Street to the rescue!


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