Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite Things: Salt

Once a week I'll be bringing you a 'favorite thing' from my kitchen!
This week let's talk salt!  I am, admittedly, a salt fiend.  I think most dishes flop because they lack one of two things...salt or acid.
In recent years there's been a lot of talk about fancy sea salts, Himalayan rock salt, pink salts, smoked salts and even bacon salt, have been showing up on restaurant menus, cooking shows, magazines, recipes and upscale grocery store shelves.
I can't say I've used a lot of the odd ball, fancy or exotic salts.  For me Kosher salt is where it's at.  It's the easiest to control for seasoning purposes (much easier to grab a pinch of kosher than of iodized).  It also gives food a delicious crunchy, salty taste explosion when put on food just before eating.
Kosher salt isn't any more expensive than iodized, is available at every grocery store and typically can be used in anything you'd use iodized salt in.  I still use iodized or fine ground sea salt for baking because it integrates easier, but for everything else I keep it Kosher ;).

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