Monday, March 5, 2012

5, 5 minute meals for under $5

If you're anything like me Monday's are busy.  There never seems like enough time to do everything, let alone make dinner.  Here are some of my solutions to 'Manic Monday' syndrome. 
  1. Ravioli.  I purchased a large bag (11, 1 cup servings) of Mona's Cheese Ravioli for $2.99 (making each serving just 00.27) at Publix and have been surprised at how good it is.  Serve up some Ravioli in red sauce from your freezer or from a jar.  Boiling ravioli typically only takes about 3 minutes, making dinner in a flash!
  2. Pita pizzas.  The flatbreads you can buy at the grocery store make a wonderful canvas for pizzas!  I can get the pitas for as little as 0.30 a piece.  Top them with BBQ sauce, cheese and pineapple or red sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni.  You can pretty much put anything left over on top with some cheese and the kids will eat it up!
  3. BLTs.  Need I say more?
  4. Beenie-Weenies.  Ok, maybe this isn't the most gourmet option, but I have found few people who don't enjoy this on occasion.  I buy large cans of vegetarian baked beans and add chopped turkey dogs to it.  You can serve this meal up for 4 for just $3 if you buy the items while they're on sale!
  5. Tuna salad.  Make up a batch of your favorite recipe...or mine featured here.  Put this in a pita pocket, wheat toast or on a salad.  I can usually make tuna salad for about 0.60 a serving.
You could serve up a Caesar salad made of 1 chopped heart of romaine, croutons, kalamata olives and Caesar dressing to round out any of these meal options.
I admit I sometimes just have to go with takeout because I'm too busy, too tired etc..., but I've really been challenging myself to put dinner on the table and save the money we would have spent eating out.
On average you'll spend $20 for 2 for takeout.  If you make a 5 minute meal just once, instead of eating out, you'll save $15 a month.  If you do it four times you'll save $60!  Now that's food for thought!

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