Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Hack: How to add Non-Skids to Tights!

If you're the caregiver for a little girl you've probably seen them wipe out in tights.  Few, if any, of the tights and stockings I've bought for Sophie have come with non-skids on the bottom.  It's frustrating.  All the socks I buy have them, why don't the tights?!
Well within a few weeks of Miss Sophie walking (and falling, and sliding) I got sick of having to put socks over the tights.  I mean, after all the tights should be in place of socks, not in addition to!
Enter one of my new favorite life hacks!  I had some fabric puffy paint in the craft room so I decided to add some stripes to bottom of the tights.

Voila, instant (well near instant) non-skid pads!  I add 3-5 stripes to each foot and allow them to air dry for 6 hours.  If you want to get creative you could draw any shape you want.  If you've got more than one child you could add their initials, draw hearts and flowers, polka dots--anything you can dream up!  Once the paint is dry it's machine wash safe and keeps her from slipping and sliding across the kitchen floor.
Best of all this is a super inexpensive way to fix the problem.  A bottle of puffy paint is less than $1 on sale and one bottle will do lots of tights.  I used Scribbles paint.  If you have a craft store I recommend buying it there, but this isn't an awful price for 6 bottles; plus it gets shipped right to your door!


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