Monday, January 28, 2013

5 Ways to Drink More Water

Many people are probably starting to fall off the New Year's Resolution bandwagon right about now.  Ahem, myself, ahem, included.  New Year's Resolutions are hard.  I didn't make much in the way of 'resolutions' this year; instead I set myself goals for the month, and for the year. 
One of my resolutions is to drink more water.  It sound all fine and dandy to drink the generally recommended 64oz of water a day (8 8oz glasses), but it's harder than it sounds.  My husband is a champ.  He can drink 4 of those big 32oz cups of water in a day without thinking about it.  Me, I find it much more difficult.
Here are a few ways I'm trying out to boost my daily water intake.
  1. Drink a glass as soon as I get up.  While I'm unloading the dishwasher and prepping Sophie's breakfast I have at least one glass of water.
  2. Drink more tea.  I don't add anything to my tea, so I could it toward my water intake.  I got a tea kettle for Christmas and I keep it primed and ready to go.  If you add a lot of sugar to your tea this might not work for you.
  3. Keep a water bottle handy.  I keep one in the car and tote one around the house with me.
  4. Drink only water at meals.  I can drink 2-3 glasses with dinner without a sweat.
  5. Drink it through a straw.  This might sound weird to some people,but I find I drink things faster through a straw (plus the icy cold water doesn't hurt my teeth this way). 
Hopefully one of these will inspire you to chug on (haha) with your goal of leading a healthier life in 2013.

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