Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Publix Primer

Alright all you Southern shoppers. Are you shopping at Publix? If you aren't (and you have one) you should be! Not only are their products great but their BOGOs are unbeatable! I will admit, I do my everyday shopping other places, but I always check my Publix ad for stock-up opportunities.
Here are a few things to know about shopping at Publix. All of this information is for TN locations. Policies will vary from state to state. When in doubt check with publix.com for the most up to date information.

  • You don't have to buy 2 items to take advantage of BOGO pricing.  Publix BOGO means the item is 50% off!
  • You can use one coupon for each BOGO item you buy.  
  • You can stack a store coupon and a manufactures coupon.  This is a great opportunity to double your savings potential.  
  • Publix will double any manufactures coupon 50 cents and under!
  • Publix accepts competitors coupons.  Which stores they consider a competitor varys from store to store.  One of my local Publix takes Target and one take Kroger.  They typically have signage in the store window telling you which stores coupons they accept.
  • Publix releases lots of coupon booklets.  If they aren't available at the turnstile in the front of the store check with the customer service desk.
  • Publix will allow you to buy 10 of each BOGO item.  Remember, it's not polite to hog product and clear the shelves!
Sunday I spent $23.31 and saved $49.84.  I saved over 67%!  I saved over 67% on things I use--120 loads worth of dish detergent, 32 fruit cups, 4 tuna pouches and more.  I did this by shopping the BOGO items and pairing that with coupons.  I managed to snag 6 fruit pouches and 2 jars of green olives FOR FREE.  I didn't pay a penny for them!

You can now look forward to Wednesday Publix postings!  I'll bring you what I feel are the best deals that week!  I hope you're excited to start saving!

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